Is Nina Dobrev About To Wed Beau Austin Stowell?

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Is Nina Dobrev About To Wed Beau Austin Stowell?

A line of public appearances has made it clear that Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell are a couple. They are reported to be seen together many times, which proves that the romantic quotient is growing effortlessly between the two.

The duo was spotted in the New York fashion Week and their affectionate union was really much talked about. The two seemed absolutely love-struck all the week and even attended the launch of Founding Member during NYFW. Following the even,t the amorous pair were seen at a dinner party at SKY Vault Penthouse, where they sat close and spent an affectionate time.

A source reports Austin remains a pure gentleman and never lose a single thread to weave adoration for Nina. The couple conceives much respect for each other, the source added. The witnesses also agreed with the matter that they shared a pretty amiable attitude towards each other. Maybe it is a complete quixotic prediction but part of the industry is smelling a union between Nina and Ian, remarking that the PDA thing with Stowell is a complete hoax.

But even their overloaded cuteness could not prevent speculation and rumour. “The Vampire Diaries” fans are figuring out another of the much displayed public affection. They are saying the entire lovey-dovey attitude gears up to compete Nina’s ex-flame Ian Somerhalder. They assume Nina is trying to leave affirm statement to her co-star and former boyfriend.


Event recently, Ian professed his love for Dobrev through twitter but the actress remained unphased. In her every movement Nina has placed evidence so far that she has moved on with life and soulfully committed to Stowell. Whatever may be the reason that let Stowell and Dobrev to hang around, we could not stop adore the new couple, who reportedly aims for a long haul.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Nina Dobrev


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