Nine Lessons We Learned From The First Chapter Of ‘Scream Queen!’

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Nine Lessons We Learned From The First Chapter Of ‘Scream Queen!’

The whole new series, ”Scream Queen” started from 22nd September of this year. The show has a long way to go and while the viewers were busy in solving up the mystery going on in the show we found some of the lessons that the star cast of “Scream Queen” actually wanted to convey (actually not just we, the viewers also flooded the twitter with their understanding what actually the show tried to tell). Read on to know about these interesting lessons we got to know from the first episode of the show.

1. No one could ever point fingers at you until you have impeccable fashion like Chanel. In the show the character is played by Emma Roberts.

2. It hardly matters you know make something or the other but do not miss to make pumpkin spice lattes.

3. If you are confident and nice, both at a same time, then definitely you are a super being or taking on some anti-depressant.

4. All thanks to Scream Queen that we finally groomed our knowledge that candle blogger is a thing.


5. Even after so many years of release the TLC’s Waterfall is a relevant thing.

6. Why just cast members should be appreciated, the writers of “Scream Queen” also did their job quite well. They came up with some of the most creative and horrifying ways to die that included acid in spray tan.

7. Directors know the commitments of Ariana Grande, therefore they decided to kill her in the first episode in the pilot.


8. If your killer is on door with that big shiny knife, it’s better to run off than tweeting and asking for help.

9.  There are probably enough famous people in this programme to warrant this high kill rate.

Now when we have shared the lesson with you, don’t forget to tell us how much helpful were these. What are your views? Share them in the comments below.

Photo Source: Twitter/ ScreamQueens

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