No. 23: Barry the Pug in the Tub [WATCH VIDEO]

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
No. 23: Barry the Pug in the Tub [WATCH VIDEO]
A Pug dog.

After a long day at work, one of the best ways of relaxation a person can get is a very nice bath, compete with good scrubs and long tub soaks. Apparently, some dogs love a good bath too!

The video below features a cute pug named Barry, who will definitely make you wish for a refreshing bath as well or at least your own precious moment with your pet. Just look at the cute face as the water runs all over him and listen to him tapping his feet as his owner hand-scrubbed him.

The one washing Barry off is his owner, David Stanton. Stanton is a carpenter and photographer living in Australia who gives tips and advice on carpentry via the instructional videos he uploads on YouTube. But among them all, his video of bathing Barry, which he uploaded last Nov. 20, 2014, stood out the most.

In the caption posted along with the video, Stanton wrote, “I have deviated from carpentry and general building to bring this clip for you. As we are going through a heatwave in Australia I thought it might be nice to watch someone keeping cool. I shot this a few years back, but Barry still loves a bath.”

Among the comments, one viewer named Felix Sanchez commented on how lucky Stanton was with having a dog who likes to bathe and asked how the dog was trained. Stanton replied, “First of all he trusts me implicitly. I never trick him. The water is warm, not hot or cold. I never wet his face or ears. I wash him on warm or hot days. I have owned him since the day he was born as my wife was a pug breeder and owned the mother and father. He lived in my shirt pocket for his first two weeks of life until he was too big. I trained him to never be head shy.”

As of December 2014, Barry’s bathing time was viewed nearly 1,800,000 times and garnered almost 5,500 likes, more than 200 dislikes and nearly 400 comments.

The video will definitely make you wish that you have a dog as cute as Barry. Or if you already have a dog, make you want to see your dog looking so nice and good while taking a bath. What do you think of the video? Post your comments below. For trending videos, keep tabs on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/existentist




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