‘No Escape’: Owen Wilson Shares His Experience of Playing an Action Hero and Going Back to Comedy in ‘Zoolander 2’

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘No Escape’: Owen Wilson Shares His Experience of Playing an Action Hero and Going Back to Comedy in ‘Zoolander 2’

Usually when you talk about Owen Wilson, straight up a funny actor comes to your mind. After having mostly done romantic comedies, the actor in a long time will be seen in a hardcore action movie as an action hero alongside Pierce Brosnan as he tries to save his on-screen family from a political turmoil. The actor recently shared his experience in an interview.

According to Collider, the actor, first of all, mentioned that the chance of playing an action hero did not lure him to the project. However, the fact that the story revolves around a family stuck in a political turmoil is what attracted him the most. He decided on pursuing the character more as a father rather than an action hero because he believes that a parent is well aware of how to keep his/her child safe and see any danger that the child is unable to.

On what made the actor decide if he wanted to do the role or not, Brosnan stated that it was within the first ten to fifteen pages that you decide if you want to do the role or not. He added that the riots shown in the movie breaks in these pages itself where his character can be seen pulling his kid out of the pool and carrying her. Fortunately he and his co-stars shot the movie exactly in the way it was written including the little changes that were made in the script to make him more comfortable.

Wall Street Journal also reported how Wilson almost saved himself from being detained at the Chiang Mai airport after a fan gave him a red, white and blue whistle that actually symbolized support for anti-government demonstrators.

On “Zoolander 2” in which he stars with co-star Ben Stiller after more than a decade, the actor mentioned how the movie despite doing not that good in the box office later on achieved a cult status. As of now he hopes that the sequel of the movie will do good because the script itself is pretty funny and audiences are going to love it for sure.

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