No More Season 2 for The Honourable Woman

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
No More Season 2 for The Honourable Woman
Maggie Gyllenhaal arrives at the 82nd Academy Awards March 7, 2010 in Hollywood. She was nominated for supporting actress for “Crazy Heart.”

As much as “The Honourable Woman” is getting all the raves, show creator and writer Hugo Blick has said in a press panel tour that the series will not return for a second season. The suspense drama featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal currently airs on BBC Two and will soon debut on SundanceTV in the U.S. this July 30, 2014. It is only set for eight episodes. Read further to know more about this latest from “The Honourable Woman.”

Following the story of Nessa Stein (Gyllenhaal), a businesswoman dealing with both Israel and Palestine and the Baroness who is at the center of an MI6 investigation regarding the suicide of one of her associates and the kidnapping of her nephew, “The Honourable Woman” is a beautifully written family and political drama that has earned a stellar rating of 8/10 from viewers, as ranked on IMDb. Despite its critical success, though, the show’s creator has no more plans of doing a second installment.

“Part of the trust we offer the audience is that it’s this story [and only this story]. We’re not trying to wink and say ‘Maybe there’s another one.’ It’s got something profoundly engaging to say… because the conclusion it takes is final,” said Blick before the press panel held at the Television Critics Association summer tour, as published on Radio Times. With only eight episodes in its entire run, viewers would then have to trust Blick that the series will have a satisfactory conclusion.

While playing Nessa has become a career highlight for Gyllenhaal, who also said that the show has changed her both as an artist and as a person, doing a second season is not part of her plans. The actress acknowledges that it’s all up to Blick and suggested that if there would be a new season, it will be a new volume all together.

There will be plenty to miss about “The Honourable Woman” after it ends, such as the remarkable delivery of a compelling story and Gyllenhaal’s noteworthy portrayal of a powerful but broken British woman.  For now, the show is still nearing its halfway mark, and viewers can still enjoy this on BBC Two and subsequently on SundanceTV.

Meanwhile, according to Variety, Gyllenhaal was present at the screening of “The Honourable Woman” for The Cinema Society with SundanceTV. Together with her husband, Peter Sarsgaard, the couple not only promoted the show but also hoped for a peaceful resolution to the real life conflict happening in Gaza, between Israel and Palestine.

And that’s the news on “The Honourable Woman,” which has been confirmed of its only one-season run. For more television updates, keep reading Movie News Guide (MNG).

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