Nobody Walks, Brooklyn Castle and All Together Reviews

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Nobody Walks, Brooklyn Castle and All Together Reviews Nobody Walks is about a woman who upsets the lives of a Los Angeles couple. Olivia Thirlby plays Martine, a New Yorker who goes to L.A. to learn from her filmmaking mentor (John Krasinki). She messes with his life as well as that of his wife (Rosemarie Dewitt), young men who fall for her charms and women who see her as a beginner in Hollywood. Thirlby does a good job with the job given to her but the script just places her too high on a shaky pedestal. The movie is about the transformation of a young lady mingling among numskulls.

Brooklyn Castle is a documentary about a high school chess team from Brooklyn. Director Katie Dellamaggiore delivers a sweet testament of how intelligence triumphs over all adversities. Most of the students in the Brooklyn middle school live below the poverty level. The chess team members are the cool kids in the school. The documentary shows how the team does in the finals of a tournament. Brooklyn Castle is engrossing, inspiring, and full of heart. The movie features a lot of smart moves with its real-life cast of personalities.

All Together is about four aging friends who move in together. It stars Jane Fonda, Geraldine Chaplin, Guy Bedos, Baniel Bruhl, Claude Rich and Pierre Richard. It is a romantic comedy featuring senior citizens who get together to fight against stagnant hears, stubborn bodies, and finding lost dogs. Jane Fonda’s character still looks to satisfy her sensual side. She shares her desires and needs with a young anthropology student. This is her first French-speaking role since Tout va bien. She speaks in perfect accent. All Together has the right combination of farce and sentimentality. It shows that old age is harder on men than on women. It is in French with English subtitles.

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