Nolan’s Batman is King of Comic Book Movie Superheroes

By admin | 6 years ago

The hype surrounding Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises hasn’t died down yet. Critics have praised it and the trilogy as a whole as one of the best ever made. They say that it proves that straying away from the comics is not a bad thing. But don’t say that to the hardcore comic book fanatics. Comic Book Movies

Superheroes are said to be modern myths, which are stories that are passed down by generations and reinterpreted as years pass. Adapting a storyline to the big screen is like reinterpreting the story to a different medium. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is the only superhero movie that went against what was expected and formed a specific version of the well-known character.

Marvel went a different path by aligning the movie versions with what comic book readers expect to see on the big screen. Most people enjoyed Marvel movies but there are some who suggest that superhero movies should reinterpret and not just adapted or repeated.

Comic books are given new creative teams to define new eras of a character. This should also be the case for movies. That doesn’t mean that Marvel should change a lot with its upcoming sequels. But the movies must stick to a certain vision and tone.

Nolan’s Batman trilogy is the first example of how a filmmaker gives a superhero its own distinct flavor. Tim Burton was more interested in the villains and visual theme that surrounded Batman. Joel Schumacher’s sequels felt more like toy commercials.

Nolan was given a free reign of redesigning Batman’s world and he was able to give a new vision for the Dark Knight. He reinforced the thematic points by breaking down every expectation fans have with a Batman movie.

Nolan borrowed elements from the comics but people said that the movies were not like the comics. He also knew how to give fan service moments, such as the Joker card at the end of Batman Begins, Bane breaking Batman’s back, and Blake’s real name being Robin.

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