Non-Pregnant Teenager Has Baby Girl? | Untold Stories of the ER [WATCH VIDEO]

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Non-Pregnant Teenager Has Baby Girl? | Untold Stories of the ER [WATCH VIDEO]
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In another episode of the TLC and Discovery Fit & Health TV show “Untold Stories of the E. R.,” the show focused on a teenager who gave birth but apparently wasn’t aware that she was pregnant. Dr. Kathleen Clem, the doctor who performed the delivery on the teenage girl, recounted how the girl came in the emergency room complaining the pain she was feeling in her stomach. Dr. Clem asked the girl if she was pregnant, and the girl answered her that she wasn’t. Knowing that the teenage girl was definitely pregnant and that time was of the essence, the doctor performed the delivery right away, and a baby did come out. The girl’s father was also incredulous about the incident and asked his daughter repeatedly about her condition. The daughter told her father that she wasn’t pregnant and stuck with her story. The doctor then decided to interview the girl’s boyfriend about her pregnancy. When Dr. Clem asked the boyfriend, he also denied that his girlfriend is pregnant, and he has no idea how it could have happened. Dr. Clem prodded the young boy to elaborate on his statement, and he mentioned that they were intimate, but they were standing up while they were doing it. Surprised by this story, Dr. Clem had to educate the young man about sex and procreation and how can one person still get pregnant even if you do it standing up.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Discovery Communications Deutschland


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