Not Fade Away Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Not Fade Away MovieDirector David Chase brings viewers back to the 1960s with Not Fade Away. It features music from the Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols and Rascals as well as its social and political struggles. The movie is about dreams of becoming a rock star and the differences between generations.

A lot of people believe that the 1960s began with the November 22, 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This is when Douglas’ (John Magaro) starts. He lives with his parents and younger sister in New Jersey. It is the time when I Want to Hold Your Hand is the number one hit and The Twilight Zone is airing on TV.

Douglas is a drummer and can also carry a tune. He gets into a band and he calls it his true family. His father (James Gandolfini) is not happy with his son’s long hair and his plan to drop out of college.

Not Fade Away is a coming of age movie about a man and a musical revolution started by the Beatles and Rolling Stones. It is about small moments and big decisions. Dreams seem to be within reach just before they crumble to dust. The movie is also about a family in transition.

Douglas’ true family also goes through trials and tribulations. Just like any band, they argue about names, girls, who is going to sing lead, and whether members are ready to pay their dues. Director Chase knows how to use dialogue to enhance his storytelling.

Not Fade Away is the first major project of Chase after Soprano. He is reunited with Gandolfini and Steven Van Zandt, who served as consigliere to Tony Soprano. In Not Fade Away, he is the executive producer and music supervisor. He wrote and produced the soundtrack song The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, which is performed by Jack Huston and John Magaro.

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