Notable Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

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Notable Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions
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A wardrobe malfunction can be totally unintentional. In fact, it can be considered as an unforeseen circumstance. But before going to an event, we must make sure that our dresses are properly fastened, stitched or buttoned, at least check whether we are wearing proper underclothing or accessory which covers everything. Here are some notable celebrity malfunctions that you probably have heard of.

During the half-time Superbowl performance in 2004, Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction while performing with Justin Timberlake. Justin was asked to reach out to Janet’s chest and flick off the right cup of her dress, but instead, her entire breast popped, revealing her nipple.

Later on, both Timberlake and Jackson apologized for the mishap, even the networks CBS, MTV and NFL. But the FCC Chairman was not appeased with their apology. Later, CBS was fined for $550,000.

In the same year, on the red carpet of P. Diddy’s 35th birthday bash, Tara Reid, the “American Pie” actress, had a wardrobe malfunction. Her beautiful black dress strap slipped off from her shoulders to her elbows, and her breast was completely exposed. She later realized it when someone told her that her dress had slipped.

During the “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” premiere in 2009, Emma Watson had a wardrobe malfunction. While entertaining hundreds of fans the wind blew her dress, revealing her undergarments.

Even actress Kate Hudson had a peek-a-boo moment when she presented an award at the American Music Awards. She bent down to say a few words, and there, her breasts peekd through her low cut sparkly dress.

Lady Gaga, who is mostly seen skimpily dressed in all her videos, had also experienced a wardrobe malfunction. She was seen wearing spiked underwear in 2011 during the CFDAs. She also wore a little black dress, which slipped down, revealing her little something else too.

In 2011, rapper Nicki Minaj, while performing for “Good Morning America,” her extra short top slipped accidentally, flashing her boobs.  ABC later apologized.

During the premiere of “Les Miserables” in 2012, Anne Hathaway wore a black slit dress, which revealed her lady bits real bad as she forgot to put on her underwear.

Sofia Vergara too had a bad wardrobe malfunction when her beautiful mermaid dress split open, showing her rear during the 2012 Emmy Awards.

In 2013, during the MTV EMA Red Carpet event, Iggy Azalea was spotted wearing an amazing black cutout dress. She looked sultry in that dress, but she flashed too much of her bosom while posing for the photographers. During the SAG awards in 2013, when Jennifer Lawrence got up her seat and walked up to the stage to receive her award, her incredible blue Dior gown split, showing her legs.

Eva Longoria, During the Golden Globes after party, bent down to untangle her heel, and her breasts came flashing in her black Gucci gown. It turns out that not only women experience a wardrobe malfunction. In 2012, when the couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were on their way back from a date in the fancy restaurant, N62,Kanye had some trouble with his Balenciaga pants as it suddenly fell off, flashing his underwear and some skin.

There you have for the notable celebrity wardrobe malfunctions. For more entertainment features, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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