Now You See Me 3: Isla Fisher’s Return Still Doubtful, New Writers Take on the Script for Fresh New Perspective

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Now You See Me 3: Isla Fisher’s Return Still Doubtful, New Writers Take on the Script for Fresh New Perspective
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Now You See Me 3 was announced even before the second installment could finish shooting. The movie has now taken a step ahead by hiring new writers to handle the script of the third installment.

As the newly hired writers prepare themselves to write the script for the third one, fans can expect to see the cast from the previous movie returning as well.

Isla Fisher’s Return

According to an outlet, Isla Fisher is one cast member who might not return for the third one. Fisher was part of the first movie in which she played Henley, one of the four horsemen.

It should also be noted that during the shoot of the first movie, she had a near-death experience with a stunt she was performing in the movie.

The Accident

Mail Online back then had reported that Fisher’s stunt, which was shot underwater went horribly wrong. According to the outlet, the underwater stunt was her character freeing herself from shackles while being submerged completely in a water tank.

In the same scene, she was also supposed to bang the glasses of the tank so as to give an impression that she was in trouble. However, things went wrong when the chains became entangled, which led to Fisher panicking for real.

According to the actress, there was a panic button that could have drained the water in seconds but she could not reach it. Also, a safety diver was present but he was far away from her.

Despite this, the actress mentioned that she was lucky as she managed to free herself and stay normal before things got really bad.

As far as Fisher’s current projects are concerned, she is in talks to star in The Starling next to Keanu Reaves and also starred in Keeping Up with the Joneses last year.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s appearance

A report also addressed a rumor that Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch could be making a guest appearance in the third movie. While the rumor has not been confirmed, it will be interesting to see what kind of role it will be.

He could be playing an ally to the Four Horsemen or a nemesis who shows up in a small yet crucial scene.

New writers

Cinema Blend reported that new writers Neil Widener and Gavin James have been hired to write the script for Now You See Me 3. The outlet also reported that the writing pair has been brought aboard instead of Boaz Yakin, Edward Ricourt, and Ed Soloman.

Yakin and Ricourt had written the story for the first one and collaborated with Soloman for the screenplay. For the second part, Soloman alone was responsible for writing the script.

The outlet also noted that since the new writing pair has yet to experience a major movie release on the big screen, getting them to write the script for the movie could mean that the studio does have some confidence in their ability.


The movie trilogy began with Now You See Me. Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco; it focused on four magicians called the Four Horsemen who were also criminals. They used their magic tricks to perform crime and in a very smart way would leave the authorities confused.

Lizzy Caplan, later on, replaced Fisher in the second movie. Avengers: Infinity War star Mark Ruffalo too was a part of the first two movies and had a very intriguing role in them.

Release date

An official release date has not been revealed yet but IMDb has stated that the movie will release in 2019. With new writers hired and the cast set to return, it remains to be seen what kind of adventure awaits the Four Horsemen.


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