Nugent Explodes At Reporter

By admin | 7 years ago

Ted Nugent was ready to sit down with a reporter from CBS Good Morning to talk about his recent controversial comments about the Democrats and specifically President Obama. Those comments attracted the attention of the Secret Service enough so they visited him to talk about his comments. The interview on Friday became fiery when the rocker unexpectedly became upset and yelled at the interviewer and an off camera producer.

Nugent was outside his ranch in Texas discussing with the interviewer the comments he made last month at the NRA convention. At the convention, he called the White administration evil, vile and American hating. While responding to a question about his comments, Nugent asked the interviewer if he had a lot of experience interviewing.

He started to talk about how many people think he is a decent person. How he is moderate, helps families and is loving and passionate. He then said he was a nice person and then went into a tirade full of four letter words and filth. It was first directed toward the interviewer and then the news producer who was unseen but on set.

During the wrap up following the segment with the co-anchors of the CBS Morning Show Charlie Rose and Erica Hill, the interviewer explained that after his interview, Nugent’s wife forced the rocker to apologize and that Nugent was later rushed to a nearby hospital to have surgery for a kidney stone. Lately, the Nugent legacy has had attention that has not always been positive.

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