Numerous Athletes Fail Testing

By admin | 6 years ago

More than 100 athletes will not be participating in the 2012 London Olympic Games that start this week. They were suspended for failing doping tests said the president of WADA, John Fahey. WADA is the World Anti-doping Agency and Fahey announced the results of a program designed to test athletes who become under suspicion prior to their arriving or participating in London.

Through mid-June, the first six months of the program, 107 athletes were banned for testing positive, which automatically ruled them disqualified from the Olympics. Fahey was quick to say that not all of the athletes that had been suspended would have qualified to participate nevertheless, they had been suspended.

The program was an effort of sharing information through London organizers, the WADA and sports federations around the globe, said Fahey. He also said that even though the Games would be taking place, the testing would continue. The IOC said there would be over 5,000 tests for doping that will take place from July 16, the day the athletes were allowed in the village, and the conclusion of the Olympics.

There have been over 300 tests that have taken place since July 16 and all of them have been negative, said a spokesperson for the IOC. Samples that officials take during an Olympic competition are held for up to eight years. This is done in case new testing methods come about and retesting can take place if needed.

Last year, retests took place for the 2004 Olympics in Athens. The results of five tests came back with possible positive results and will require more investigation.

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