Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: ‘Jackie and the Wolfe’

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: ‘Jackie and the Wolfe’
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“Nurse Jackier” Season 7 Episode 10 titled, “Jackie and the Wolfe” aired on Sunday, June 14, 2015 on Showtime. Read on.

The latest episode of “Nurse Jackie” kicks off with Jackie and Eddie talking about their wedding vows. Someone knocks at the door and introduces himself as someone from Eddie’s pharmaceutical company. He tells Eddie that someone reported a discrepancy in his record and asks him to turn over his samples. He brings in a dog to make sure that no drug is left in the house. Eddie sees a pill on the floor. Jackie catches him on and pops the pill inside her mouth.

After the men have already left the house, Jackie spits the pill, but finds out that half of the pill has dissolved in her mouth. She worries about getting caught at work, so she calls in sick. Unfortunately, Barry calls her and tells her that her court hearing will take place today.

At All Saints, she tells Barry the truth. He advises her not to take a pee test. Zoe sees Jackie and tells her how excited she is to finally be back working together with her. Gloria sees them and mocks them later on. Zoey defends Jackie and tells Gloria that Jackie has been clean since the day she returned to All Saints.

Jackie consults with Barry who asks her about Zoey and Gloria. Jackie tells him she isn’t worried about Zoey, but she thinks Gloria has something up her sleeve. Barry asks her not to worry about Gloria. He tells Jackie that he has compiled a list of things to use against Gloria. Jackie doesn’t think it’s right to do so.

Zoey sees Jackie and asks her to take the pee test. Jackie refuses to do so. Zoey enters the room looking confused. She tells Gloria about Jackie’s refusal to take the pee test.

The hearing starts and Jackie thanks everyone for helping her. Prince and Thor arrive just when Jackie was making her speech. Prince announces that Jackie was a great nurse and recounted the time when she saved three lives. Barry uses this to their advantage until Gloria interrupts them and asks about the pee test. The council asks for a break.

Jackie confesses to Zoey, who begins to wonder how she ends up in such a situation at the wrong time. Jackie begins to get emotional. It was until Zoey volunteers to submit her own urine in Jackie’s place.

Back at the hearing, Gloria continues to question Jackie’s abilitiy to remain clean and drug-free. Jackie looks like she’s had enough and asks Barry to use whatever he has against Gloria.

Barry mentions about Gloria’s son who was also an addict and goes on to mention the list of crimes her son has committed. The monitor asks him to stop and asks for some time to make the decision.

Outside, the Norwegian drops by. He tells Jackie that it was he who reported to Eddie’s pharmaceutical company about the discrepancies.

The decision has been made and Jackie happily changes into her scrubs.

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