Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: Vigilante Jones

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: Vigilante Jones
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“Nurse Jackie” Season 7 Episode 11 titled, “Vigilante Jones” aired on Sunday, June 21, 2015 on Showtime. Read on for the full recap.

In this episode of “Nurse Jackie,” Jackie returns to work at All Saints after the panel decided to give her license back. Eddie asks her out for lunch and she goes to the ER afterwards.

Zoey sees Jackie sitting on her chair. She asks Jackie how it feels to be back to work and Jackie tells her how great she feels to do something she likes again. Gloria calls Zoey and tells her that she won’t be able to work for a week.

Zoey assumes that it’s because of Jackie. She tells Jackie about it and Jackie admits that she had no idea that her lawyer would use it against her.

Bernie arrives and he heads to the pharmacy with Jackie. She wonders if he’s feeling any pain but Bernie tells her that the medication is for a patient.

At the ER, Jackie examines a patient who doesn’t speak English. She tries to get a translator but she doesn’t understand the language. Jackie asks Zoey to get someone from a local Indian café to help them.

Jackie tries to use imagery to figure out what the patient is telling them. She draws a suitcase. Jackie opens the suitcase and sees her records in it.

Bernie comes in and tells them she has chronic liver disease and they need to remove the excess fluid in the OR. Jackie reminds him that they need to wait for 12 hours.

On the way out, Zoey sees the Norwegian investor with flowers in his hand. He asks for her opinion and she begins to wonder why he alludes to his relationship with Carrie as nothing more than a sexual affair.

A superhero comes crashing into the ER and announces to everyone that he is Vigilante Jones. Carrie warns him about climbing buildings and asks Jackie to give him cortisone, but he insists that he does not feel any pain.

Zoey returns to the ER with someone from the Indian café. She introduces herself to Vigilante Jones and he tells her about his achievements from the previous day. Zoey tells Carrie about what she heard from the Norwegian investor.

Bernie is about to drain the fluid from the patient when his vision suddenly acts up. Jackie helps him and calls for a surgeon for help. Jackie asks Bernie to guide her through the procedure. She successfully slides in the catheter and the surgeon arrives.

Carrie confronts the Norwegian investor for spilling their affair with Zoey. She rejects the flowers. He tells her that he already got what he wanted and that the flowers will serve as a reminder of their memory. Carrie kisses him and walks away.

Later on, Jackie praises Bernie for their job well done. She reminds him that he can’t stay at the ER if his illness continues to worsen. He lashes out on her and tells her that she doesn’t have the right to tell him what to do.

Vigilante Jones comes in and asks if she needs his help. Jackie refuses and he walks away. Zoey comes in and asks for Bernie’s signature but he screams at her and tells her she’s fired.

Jackie asks her to understand his ordeal and voices out that Bernie needs to be kept away from the area for the meantime. Zoey tells her that only Gloria has the authority to do that. Jackie decides to go to Gloria’s address.

Upon arrival, Gloria refuses to talk to her. Jackie explains that they need to talk about Bernie and tells her about his illness. Gloria tells her that she’ll call HR and Jackie wonders if she’ll continue to stay home for the rest of the week.

Jackie begins to apologize for taking things personal during the hearing. She sees someone inside the house and Gloria tells her it’s her son. She thanks her for giving her the initiative to look for him and slams the door.

The Norwegian investor confronts Carrie for calling his wife. Vigilante Jones steps in and splashes his face with pepper spray. Thor comes in and puts him on restraints. Carrie thanks him and places a lighter in his pocket.

Later on, Vigilante Jones uses it to burn his restraints. Jackie returns to All Saints and sees Eddie in Bernie’s office, asking him to sign for samples. Bernie asks them to leave.

Outside, Jackie confronts Eddie for taking advantage of him. He reminds her she’s done worse and wouldn’t mind doing this for her. He thinks she’ll walk away once she has all that she needs and walks away.

The fire alarm rings off. Jackie starts looking for Vigilante Jones and sees him on the roof. Jackie tries to talk him down but he tells her that people need him. She says she needs him and kisses him. He doesn’t think she needs him and jumps.

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