Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Jackie Gets Back to Work

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Jackie Gets Back to Work
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Nurse Jackie” season 7 episode 2 titled, “Deal” aired on Apr.19, 2015 on Showtime. In this episode, Jackie tries to get the funds she needed to hire Barry as her lawyer. She attempts to find a way to get back to All Saints. Read on for the full recap.

“Nurse Jackie” episode 2 kicks off with Jackie visiting Zoey at All Saints. She insists that she is clean and has been that way for 16 days. Zoey tells her she’s on the watch list. Then, Jackie tells her that she has a lawyer. Just in time, Barry calls her and tells her that he won’t be helping her until he receives his payment.

Jackie heads out and tries to look for things to pawn, but she ends up with only $1500.

At All Saints, Zoey talks to Thor about what Jackie told her. Gloria overhears their conversation. Later, Gloria tells Zoey that Jackie did not have a lawyer and this is why Jackie cannot go back to work.

Gloria asks Eddie to run down a list of the pills that Jackie used and asked for a complete inventory of the pharmacy.

Meanwhile, Jackie tries to work as a home nurse for an elderly. At home, she finds the older woman’s pills and calls Eddie to ask about the pills. She finds out that the older woman may be getting sick because of the pills and tries to tell the patient’s daughter about it, but dismisses the notion, and claims that her mom needs the meds to stay calm.

Jackie swaps the older woman’s pills with candies and takes the bag of pills with her. The next day, she finds her patient livelier and more active. Jackie finds relief that she was able to help someone. Later, the daughter confronts her, but the old lady tells her to shut up.

Jackie heads to the bank and tries to ask for a second mortgage, but she was told that someone took out extra mortgages – Kevin. She tries to confront him and tells him that she could sue him for forgery. Apparently, Kevin used it to renovate the bar and get a bigger apartment. She asks him for the title to the Jeep and asks for his watch.

Jackie tries to sell the Jeep at $2200 when Eddie arrives and tries to bargain with her. They arrive at $2100. The other man hurriedly writes the check.

Eddie tells Jackie that he can help her out. They kiss. She finds out she’s still a couple of bucks short. Then, she tries to sell the old lady’s pills to one of her drug dealers.

Later, Jackie finds Grace and Fiona at her apartment. Grace asks her about the hospital while Fiona asks her about jail.

The next day, Jackie heads to All Saints together with Barry. At the HR meeting, Barry threatens them that he will go for a jury for firing her for unreasonable causes. He calls her a mistreated caregiver. Jackie eventually ends up getting her job back. Gloria tells her that her license is still suspended.

Gloria tells her to wear the orderly’s uniform and warns her that she will be tested for drugs daily. She also tells her not to touch patients, administer medications and her pay will be cut into 2/3. Jackie tells her it’s a deal.

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