Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: ‘Coop Out’

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: ‘Coop Out’
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“Nurse Jackie” season 7 episode 5 titled, “Coop Out” aired on Sunday, May 10 on Showtime.

Last Sunday’s episode kicks off with Jackie and Eddie carrying a suitcase full of drugs. Jackie thanks him for helping her handle the drugs, as he drops her off at All Saints.

At the hospital, Jackie tells everyone at the meeting that they have to stop the investors from closing down All Saints. They hear a group of Norwegian investors are planning to turn the hospital into a condominium.

Coop is showing Thor the house he found in Boston. Thor wonders if he is really decided about moving to a new place and new job. Gloria arrives and introduces Dr. Bernie Prince from the ICU and tells them that he will be replacing Coop. On the way, Bernie finds a dead patient and tries to slam him in the chest. Bernie gets a pulse from the guy. Turns out, all the slamming brought the guy back to life. Later on, Bernie calls for Jackie in his office and asks her to pop his shoulder back, but Jackie insists that she cannot touch patients. Bernie tells her he’s a doctor, not a patient.

The Norwegian investors pass by the office and Jackie tries to listen to the presentation. She hears that the investors are planning to turn the hospital into condos worth $3.5 million. Gloria notices Jackie sneaking and she hands her the pitcher.

Later on, one of the Norwegian investors approaches Jackie. Apparently, he knows Jackie’s name and he knows she is leading the protest. He bargains with her and tells her that he will hasten the reinstatement of her license if she withdraws the protest. He asks her to think about it before making a decision.

Bernie is working on a bunch of patients and the new guy is struggling to keep up with the pace. Bernie asks the new guy to step out and calls for Jackie. He tells her he does not care if she’s not allowed to touch patients and insists that she help him. Gloria sees Jackie from the outside. Afterwards, Jackie sees Bernie outside the NA meeting and he thanks her for helping him. She thinks it was the best thing ever. Gloria confronts her but Bernie insists that he asked her to help him. He asks Gloria to sit down with him at lunch and tell him the policies that he needs to know.

At the meeting, Jackie tells them that things are not looking as good and they should just give up. Zoey wonders why she had a change of heart when she was so determined to save the hospital from closing down. Jackie then goes to the conference room and takes the flash drive with her.

Coop surrenders his ID badge, key card and forms to Gloria. Gloria hopes he took her job offer instead of moving to a new city. He pulls her into an embrace.

Coop sees Jackie at the conference room and hands her a St. Agatha medal. He tells her it’s the nurses’ patron saint. At the party, Eddie wonders where Coop went. Turns out, he was banging Carrie in the closet. He admits he feels sad and she pulls him into an embrace.

Coop heads over to the stage and thanks the people he worked with at All Saints. He thanks Gloria for being his mother and calls Zoey the nicest woman in the world. He tells them he’s most thankful to Jackie wherever she is for helping him become a better doctor.

Jackie, on the other hand, is at the New York Times and has anonymously dropped off the flash drive she stole earlier from the conference room.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Nurse Jackie

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