Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: Are You With Me, Doctor Wu?

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: Are You With Me, Doctor Wu?
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“Nurse Jackie” season 7, Episode 7 “Are You With Me, Doctor Wu?” aired on Sunday, May 24, 2015 on Showtime. Read on for more details.

Jackie and Kevin are at the school’s counselor with Grace to talk about her future in college. Jackie tells the counselor that they haven’t done any school tours yet. Kevin tells her that they’ve already done it in the past. Jackie asks to talk outside. She’s angry that she was left out in such an important matter. Grace agrees and Kevin tells them that they should go back in.

At the hospital, Bernie, Carrie, Thor and Zoey are treating models who assaulted each other. Gloria calls for Zoey and asks for Jackie. Bernie tells him that Jackie helped a lot when the nurses walked out. Bernie then asks Gloria and Jackie to sit down for a talk with him.

At the office, Bernie tells them that he’ll do some couple’s counseling and says he’s qualified to do so. Gloria tells Jackie that she was once her friend, but she betrayed her trust. Bernie butts in and tells them that he has a friend in med school who was a dealer and got busted for running a pill mill. Gloria thinks she cannot trust Jackie after that and walks out.

Afterwards, Jackie asks Eddie about the pill mill. He tells her it’s a front. She thinks they should find one to sell their stash. Jackie drops by the ER and tells Zoey that she needs to leave early. Jackie leaves and Thor tells Zoey about an injunction to prevent future walkouts when the alarm on the male model goes off. The man is in shock and Zoey calls for Carrie, who says he has kidney trauma. Zoey feels bad about missing the symptoms.

Bernie asks Gloria out for lunch. She asks Bernie how many times he was married. Bernie tells him his last wife left him for being cold-hearted. Bernie asks about Jackie and Gloria tells him she’s been through a similar situation with her son before.

In the park, Carrie offers Zoey some shrooms to calm down. Later on, Thor arrives and Carrie thanks him. He tells them that Gloria has not returned from lunch.

Eddie and Jackie arrive at the pill mill. Jackie worries that someone might see her inside, so Eddie puts on his hat on her head. Inside, Eddie fills out a couple of forms and the nurse calls in for Dr. Wu. The doctor asks Eddie about the narcotics he’s selling and asks that they speak where there are no security cameras. Jackie notices a woman groaning in the other room. She checks on the woman and thinks she has signs of Oxy OD.

Jackie calls for the nurse, but she turns her back on her. Dr. Wu hears her and tells her he’ll see what he can do. Jackie says she’ll call 911, but Dr. Wu insists that he’ll call for a private ambulance. Dr. Wu thinks Jackie is Eddie’s crazy wife. They leave. Later on, Eddie tells her that he wants to marry Jackie. She tells him that he has always been there for her. He asks if she’s serious. She offers to get down on one knee and he tells her that his answer is yes. They kiss.

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