Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: Serviam in Caritate

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: Serviam in Caritate
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“Nurse Jackie” Season 7 episode 9 titled, “Serviam in Caritate” aired on Sunday, June 7, 2015 on Showtime.

“Nurse Jackie” kicks off with Jackie giving Bernie a shot. She wonders about his brain tumor and he tells her he’s had it for about a year, but nothing has worked for him. He thanks her for helping him and she walks out with the syringe in her pocket. Gloria runs into her and asks about her engagement. Jackie fills her in on the details.

Afterwards, Jackie runs into the Norwegian investor. She asks him about her license, but he tells her that it takes patience and congratulates her on her engagement. Confusion registers on Jackie’s face, so the Norwegian tells her that he knows everything.

Meanwhile, Zoey receives a call from Grace while checking on a patient named Lydia. Jackie overhears and follows Zoey as she takes the call. Zoey pretends not to hear Jackie when she asks what’s going on, so Jackie yells at her and demands for information.

Zoey tells her that Grace is in Pennsylvania. Jackie freaks out and asks if they could find Grace together. Zoey asks Grace to cover for her in the meantime and promises to take the shift later on. Inside the car, Jackie wonders why Grace was in Pennsylvania. She thinks either Grace has a boy or she’s mad after telling her about her engagement.

Upon arrival at the rest stop, Jackie and Zoey start shouting for Grace’s name. Zoey reminds her not to get mad at Grace and let her explain. Grace comes running into Jackie’s arms. She tells Jackie that she was supposed to go to the student weekend at U Penn and heads back to the car.

Back at the hospital, Gloria is taking a look at Lydia’s medical history. Lydia tells them that she can’t afford to buy her own meds. Bernie tells her that he will be giving her a year’s supply of her meds because they’re closing.

Later on, patients are lining up to see Bernie. Gloria becomes frustrated, but Bernie reminds her that this is the reason All Saints should not be closed down. Eddie arrives and comes looking for Jackie. Carrie tells him she went to Pennsylvania with Zoey.

Grace has fallen asleep when Jackie wakes her up and tells her that they’re at U Penn. She gives her charger and tells her to call her. Zoey advises her to make friends with the nerdy girls. Grace hugs and thanks her.

At the All Saints chapel, the Norwegian asks Eddie and Thor why they need to put patients in this place. She tells him the building doesn’t belong to him and Gloria calls him a heartless foreigner. He responds back at them and touches Gloria and Eddie fights back and punches him. The Norwegian tells him that he messed with the wrong person and tells him that his deal with Jackie is off. Gloria wonders about the deal and Eddie walks away angry.

Carrie checks on the Norwegian’s nose and tells him it’s not broken. He tries flirting with her, but she tells him she’s not dating anyone. He asks her to think about his offer twice.

Zoey and Jackie are headed back to All Saints. Zoey confesses that she does not why she snapped all of a sudden. Jackie thinks she’s mad at her. Zoey tells her that she loved and hated her job because of her, which makes it confusing for her. She asks Jackie to pull it all together.

Zoey thinks she is failing at everything, but Jackie reminds her that she has always be a great nurse. Upon arrival at the hospital, Jackie apologizes for bringing her into this mess. Jackie turns up the volume of the radio and starts dancing for Zoey. She joins her in and starts dancing in front of the hospital.

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