Nymphomaniac: Vol. I Hits Theatres on March 21, 2014 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Alex | 4 years ago
Nymphomaniac: Vol. I Hits Theatres on March 21, 2014 [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Nymphomaniac: Vol. I” hits theatres on March 21, 2014. Directed and written by Lars von Tier (“Melancholia”), “Nymphomaniac: Vol. 1” features an ensemble cast which includes Charlotte Gainsbourg (“Antichrist,” “Melancholia”) as Joe, Stellan Skarsgård (“Thor,” “The Avengers,” “Thor: Dark World”) as Seligman, newcomer English actress Stacy Martin as Young Joe, Shia LaBeouf (“Transformers” trilogy)  as Jerôme Morris, Christian Slater (“Interview With A Vampire,” “Bullet To The Head” ) as Joe’s Father, Jamie Bell (“The Adventures of TinTin”) as K, Uma Thurman (“Kill Bill”) as Mrs. H  and Willem Dafoe (“Spiderman”) as L.

The 118 minute film is first volume of the said film and it has 4 chapters including “The Compleat Angler,” “Jerôme” “Mrs. H,” Delirium” and “The Little Organ School.”

According to a Nylon interview posted on femalefirst.co.uk, Stacy shared that she and Shia had to use body doubles, prosthetics and special effects for the sex scenes due to the strong use of pornography in the film.

Despite their unwillingness to shoot an actual sex scene onscreen, Stacy elaborated that there are still limits beyond their work as actors.

“As actors, we could be ourselves and commit to an amazing project, but we were protected as human beings, and, speaking for myself, as a woman.” shared Stacy to Nylon Magazine, which was stated in the femalefirst.co.uk report.

In a report on Rotten Tomatoes, the audience are in for a “wild” ride as the movie got 7, 699 users (as of this writing) with 79% of them who liked the film. It also got  a 75% rating from the Tomatometer.

On the other hand, IMDb  gave “Nymphomaniac: Vol. I” a high rating of 7.5/10 from 13,745 users while Metacritic gave it a 62/100 Metascore.

In Denmark, the five-hour version was released on Dec. 25, 2013 while the UK version was divided into “Volume I” and “Volume II”, which premiered on February 22, 2014.

In the U.S., the film will also be divided into two different parts. “Nymphomaniac: Vol. I” hits theatres on  March 21, 2014 while the second part,”Nymphomaniac: Vol. II,” will be released (limited) on a later date of April 4, 2014.

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