Obama and Romney Oppose Ban by Boy Scouts

By admin | 6 years ago

President Barack Obama agrees with his Republican presidential rival Mitt Romney in opposing the policy of the Boy Scouts of banning gay members. A spokesman for Obama said the President believes that the Boys Scouts is a very valuable institution and has helped build character and educated countless American boys for over 100 years. He however, opposes discrimination of all forms and because of that opposes the organization’s policy that discriminates based on sexual orientation.

The statement from the White House followed an announcement by the Romney campaign that said the organization should be open to everyone. A spokesperson for Romney said that the former governor of Massachusetts’ position is the same since 1994, when he announced he supports the Boy Scouts of America’s right to decide what it prefers on that issue, but he feels that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the organization regardless of what their sexual orientation is.

Last month, the Boys Scouts of America reaffirmed its controversial policy of banning gay scout and leaders that are openly gay. The organization took the decision after a formal review of their policy was conducted. That affirmation has increased the pressure on both Obama and Romney to announce their position on the controversial issue.

An Obama spokesperson said that Obama would not resign as the honorary president of the organization in protest. Since the organization was originally founded back in 1910, every sitting U.S. President has pledged to be the honorary president of the Boy Scouts of American during his term.

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