Obama’s ‘Mean Tweets’ Draws Big Numbers for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live;’ Kimmel Wants Kanye Next [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Obama’s ‘Mean Tweets’ Draws Big Numbers for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live;’ Kimmel Wants Kanye Next [WATCH VIDEO]
From the official Jimmy Kimmel Live Facebook Page

Seventeen million views and counting… that’s how much President Barack Obama’s “Mean Tweets” segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” has been seen on YouTube. Because of this, the clip has become the most watched video for the show’s highly entertaining bit. More details below.

In less than 24 hours of its upload last Thursday, Mar. 12, 2015, Obama’s “Mean Tweets” video on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” immediately generated high numbers. The President was on his way to the Southland to oversee the matters at Ferguson. It was when he agreed to appear on the show of the late night host, who was also heading to the south for the SXSW fest.

“Mean Tweets,” which has been an ongoing thing for the program, has Kimmel’s guests reading insulting messages about themselves from Twitter users. These messages are carefully chosen by the show’s staff and it has been a highlight of the late night program.

Obama’s messages did not exclude him from the criticisms and burning comments from social media users, the most controversial of which was an attack on his jean’s waistband. But the president was game while reading it and during the interview, Obama told Kimmel that some of the comments were actually not insulting enough.

“I’ve gotta tell you, you should see what the Senate says about me all the time,” he remarked.

“Mean Tweets” Obama’s edition is only closely followed by the Music Edition, which aired in February and a Celebrity Edition, which aired in November. To date, the show has had eight “Mean Tweets” segments and Kimmel wishes he could have a Kanye West edition next.

Speaking with E!, the host revealed that he’s planning on asking the music artist about this at the SXSW. But then, realizing how Kanye may be hard to convince, Jimmy Kimmel might just need Kim Kardashian’s help.

“She seems more relaxed with that sort of thing,” Kimmel said about Kanye’s wife on E! If that won’t work, he’s hoping to woo Kanye into agreeing through his baby.

“I don’t know who’s coming along but they do have the baby,” he joked in the same E! interview.

Will Kanye West agree to read “Mean Tweets” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”? That will be something to watch out for, don’t you think?

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Photo Source: Official Jimmy Kimmel Live Facebook Page

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