Obama must choose another Secretary of State

By admin | 6 years ago

As President Barack Obama prepares for his second and final term in office, Hillary Clinton the current Secretary of State has announced she will resign from her post. Clinton announced she had decided to step down earlier in the year, as she said she needs to take a break.

She said she would remain on as the Secretary of State until President Obama nominated someone to replace her and a transition could take place. Clinton said that after being in American politics for the past 20 years it was time to step off the high wire and see how tired she really is.

Now the task at hand is finding a successor to Clinton. One of the top candidates is John Kerry the Senator from Massachusetts. Kerry is the Committee of Foreign Relations’ Chairman in the Senate. He is also active abroad in U.S. foreign policy especially in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Kerry also has the force of celebrity that is needed to win U.S. goals abroad as he is a former candidate for the presidency. Kerry was chosen by Obama to help him practice for the second debate against former presidential challenger Mitt Romney. Kerry was also used in an ad that was anti-Romney during the recently concluded presidential campaign.

The only obstacle Kerry might face is his seat in the Senate. Any sitting president who chooses a senator for a post in his Cabinet considers whether the party in control can maintain the senator’s seat, especially in the current Senate where the Democrats majority is so small.

Other candidates for the position include Susan Rice the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and Tom Donilon, the current National Security Advisor.

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