Obama Reelection Campaign Raises $43.6 Million

By admin | 6 years ago

President Obama and the many different groups of Democrats working to reelect him, raised over $43.6 million during April. The amount was very important to his reelection but was less than the $53 million that was received during March. Jim Messina the campaign manager for Obama said that close to 98% of the donations came in amounts that were less than $250 and the average donation overall for the month was $50.23.

Those figures are highlighted by the campaign to showcase the far-reaching grass-roots support the President is getting along with the involvement of donors that give small amounts.

Messina admits that the election will be very close in November due to the historic challenges the country faced when President Obama first took office. The president’s greatest vulnerability in the upcoming election is the economy that is still struggling to move ahead. Much of what is happening to the economy is out of Obama’s hands because of problems in Europe and China that influence the economy in the U.S.

The campaign manager also mentioned the campaign’s path to reach 270 electoral votes. Part of that strategy is opening new offices and hiring staff in a number of key states such as Florida. Of all the paths that were outlined by Messina, none showed Obama receiving more that 275 total electoral votes. That in itself shows how close the race will be as one or two swing states could make or break the election for both candidates.

The Republicans were quick to note the drop in fundraising dollars for Obama by saying that he is the Fundraiser in Chief but has struggled to convince the American people that his hype is worth their money.

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