Obama Releasing New Television Ad in Battleground States

By admin | 6 years ago

A new ad for television was released by the campaign for President Barack Obama on Monday. The ad touts the jobs record for the administration as well as the resurgence of the auto industry in America.

Featured in the ad are American workers that praise the economic policies of the president and his administration. One woman in the ad says that the parking lot once was empty where they worked, but are now full.

The spot is 30 seconds in duration, has been dubbed Main Street, and will air in four of the battleground states – Virginia, Nevada, Iowa and Colorado. The ad was dismissed by the campaign of Mitt Romney accusing President Obama of creating huge amounts of new debt.

Jobs numbers that were released earlier in the month showed that the current unemployment rate had fallen to 7.8%, which was the lowest rate it has been at since Obama became the president.

The positive numbers of for jobs were seized upon by Obama to help make a case that while the jobs recovering is ongoing, the economy is much improved during his first term in office.

Romney however, argued that the latest jobs numbers do not give a completely accurate picture of what the employment situation is really like, because fewer overall Americans are looking to be employed.

Romney said it looked as though unemployment was dropping, but the sad truth is that if the same amount of people were still looking for new jobs now that were looking when President Obama took office, then the rate of unemployment would be over 11%.


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