Obama to choose Sylvia Matthews Burwell as Budget Director

By admin | 6 years ago

On Monday, President Barack Obama will nominate Sylvia Matthews Burwell an executive at Walmart as his new budget director, said one senior White House official.

If the Senate confirms Burwell, she would become the head of the Office of Management and Budget during a time of heated battles over the budget between Congressional Republicans and the White House.

Burwell brings a great deal of diversity to the second-term Cabinet of Obama following some criticism he took, that many of his top jobs were given to white males.

Burwell is no stranger to Washington. The 47-year old was once the deputy director of the OMB during the Clinton Administration and was the chief of staff for Robert Rubin the former Secretary of the Treasury. At the current time, she is the head of the Walmart Foundation, the giant retailers’ philanthropic arm, and was previously the president of the Global Development Program for the Gates Foundation.

A White House official said that Burwell’s vast knowledge of economic and budget issues along with her history of fighting for the working American makes her an excellent choice to head the OMB during such an important time.

The nomination of Burwell signals that the Obama Administration is attempting to return to normal business following the failing of the Congress and President to avert the spending cuts of $85 billion that started last Friday.

Obama had warned of huge consequences for the nation’s economy due to the cuts in the Budget, but he and his administration does not want the standoff between he and Congress to keep him from focusing on his other priorities for the second term.

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