Oblivion Fails to Live Up to Hype

By admin | 6 years ago

Oblivion FailsTom Cruise is back with the sci-fi movie Oblivion. He plays Jack Harper, whose job is to repair drones that protect large water hoovers that convert the planet’s most precious resource into electricity and transport them to Titan, which is Saturn’s moon.

The water hoovers are in danger from the scavs, which is an alien race who is responsible for the necessity. They have destroyed the moon and began a war that destroyed the planet. Harper and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), his communications officer, live in their trendy pad among the devastation. They can’t wait to complete their job and go back to Titan.

Harper and Victoria had their memory wiped. He keeps on getting visions of a beautiful lady (Olga Kurylenko) in New York before the war. The dreams show he has an affinity with the planet Earth and this leads to him going beyond the goals of his official mission.

While Cruise experienced a rough time in real life, this doesn’t show in his on-screen persona. Riseborough is one of Britain’s best actresses. Oblivion has a nice concept and the imagery is good. So where did they go wrong?

Oblivion is too dry. It is too self-conscious about its high concept but doesn’t have the right amount of subtlety. If you have seen the trailer then you’ll get that there’s more to the story than what Harper is telling us. The first half of the movie cements this thought in the audience.

This is why when everything is revealed in the end, there’s no element of surprise anymore. It can be forgiven if the movie is more engaging than it is. For the most part, we just see Cruise going from one bleak situation to another.

Morgan Freeman is underutilized in Oblivion. He does what he does best in his small amount of screen time.

Oblivion lacks wit and subtlety that makes this almost two hour long movie tedious to watch. Its good points can’t offset the bad ones and makes it less thrilling than it supposed to be.

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