‘Odd Mom Out’ Review: Bravo’s New ‘Quick-Witted’ Sitcom

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
‘Odd Mom Out’ Review: Bravo’s New ‘Quick-Witted’ Sitcom

Bravo is known for its controversial and exciting reality shows. This time, the network became more open with scripted ones like its new series “Odd Mom Out.” Not much review has been made yet for the series but one Hollywood Reporter already voiced out his admiration for the show. Read on for details.

Jill Kargman, a famous comic author, portrayed a part of herself in Bravo’s new show. It is about spoiled “denizens” from the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Keith Uhlich from the Hollywood Reporter is the first top critic to invade Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic reviews on “Odd Mom Out.” He stated that Kargman’s “aim” is “consistently true” in the new sitcom.

Uhlich described “Odd Mom Out” as a “quick-witted” comedy series. He explained that the show is a TV adaptation of Kargman’s book in 2007, “Momzillas.” Kargman plays the character named Jill Weber who dislikes spas, shopping and Pilates unlike her family and neighbors. Jill is more of “a punk with a wrist tattoo.” She has a lawyer husband named Andy (Andy Buckley) and three children.

Uhlich admired Kargman’s “specific” and “expertly realized” sense of humor and the performance of each supporting actor. He pointed out Kargman’s “intimate knowledge” of the “elite universe,” which contributed to the show’s raw quality and humor.

“The laughs are frequent and genuine,” Uhlich wrote on the Hollywood Reporter.

“Odd Mom Out” is Bravo’s newest 10-episode scripted sitcom. It focuses on the life of Jill Weber as she goes on a journey within the elite community of Upper East Side in New York.

“Odd Mom Out” premieres on Monday, June 8, at 10:00 p.m. on Bravo. It stars the creator herself, Jill Kargman, Andy Buckley, K.K. Glick, Joanna Cassidy, Sean Kleier and Abby Elliott.

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