Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook Sends Off The Minnesota Timberwolves Howling!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook Sends Off The Minnesota Timberwolves Howling!

Minnesota Timberwolves got owned by Oklahoma City Thunder at Target Center at the Timberwolves preseason opener. Timberwolves who probably thought that a younger team will be more equipped to deal with the speed of Oklahoma’s Point Guard Russell Westbrook were in for a surprise. Assisted by the team’s legendary Power Forward Kevin Durant, Westbrook schooled the young nubile Wolves which included the number one overall pick, Karl-Anthony Towns.

Minnesota Timberwolves were in for a shocker when they played their first game of the preseason. All this while, everybody had been talking about how the game now belongs to the new lot. In a showdown that spoke volumes about pitting youth against experience, the Timberwolves were plastered by Oklahoma City Thunder.

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The Thunder team included the muscle of the Power Forward Kevin Durant, who has been playing for the Thunder since 2007, and Russell Westbrook, who has been around since 2008. The duo smashed down the Timberwolves’s defence and brought them down in 122-99 point victory.

Russell Westbrook delivered 14 points, 13 assists and eight rebounds and Durant scored 15 points before each sat down after playing 22 minutes. Timberwolves did not know what hit them. At the end of the game, the young pups were left whimpering about learning from the experience.

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Rookie Point Guard Tyrus Jones and Interim Head Coach Sam Mitchell were both made to do a little soul searching. Mitchell said that it was probably very hard for the young players like Tyrus Jones and Karl Anthony Towns to lose in their first game, but Westbrook was playing like someone who was playing the seventh game of the NBA finals.

Mitchell was glad that his team got to witness the miracle, and this is what he expects of his team.

Star Tribune reported the news first.

Photo Source: Facebook / Oklahoma City Thunder

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