Olaf is Returning in ‘Frozen’ 2

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Olaf is Returning in ‘Frozen’ 2
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Disney “Frozen” is the company’s third-highest grossing movie, which earned $1.274 billion in 2013 and broke a number of records. Now, a sequel is coming “Frozen” 2 and a lot of fans are speculating what’s going to happen next? Well, details about that are still being kept under wraps but for sure, Anna and Elsa will be there and just recently, John Gad who voiced Olaf has announced Olaf’s return in “Frozen” 2. Read below for the full scoop.

Gad was interviewed by ComingSoon.net regarding the action-comedy “Pixels” and was asked if he’s doing “Frozen” 2 already.

“It’s already been announced and I know that they’re actively developing it. I think it’s still a bit away. I think that the creative team is really taking their time to define how to top that story. The more I hear about it, the more excited I’m getting and I think it’s going to be wonderful.” Gad said.

Well, there you have it fans. Our favorite snowman who loves summer is coming back to “Frozen” 2 and it’s going to be amazing. Although those are the only stuff we know so far about the upcoming “Frozen” sequel but one thing’s for sure, though, it’s really happening and this sequel has a huge chance to break the Disney sequel curse. Read about that here.

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