Old Man Logan: Reasons Why Old Man Logan Should Be Made In MCU

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Old Man Logan: Reasons Why Old Man Logan Should Be Made In MCU
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Logan was Hugh Jackman’s last time as Wolverine. With the movie taking the inspiration of a road trip loosely from the comics Old Man Logan, much of the comic book could not be adapted because of rights issue.

With Hugh now done playing Wolverine, if the role were to be re-cast and introduced in MCU, Marvel would have an opportunity to bring Old Man Logan just the way it is in a live-action movie form. Considering the way the story took shape in the comic books, here is why it should be made properly in the MCU.


The story itself is one of the best that Marvel has ever introduced. With an older Logan living with his family in a world dominated by supervillains, an incident forces him to draw his claws out once again.

Before that he chooses to stay away from the other side of his personality and trying to live a normal life. Logan did cover this part but the part where a blind Hawkeye asks to accompany him on a journey could not be.

Character crossovers

Once Wolverine becomes a part of the MCU, he will be right back at home with other Marvel characters. He will be able to crossover with other characters already present in MCU.

With that happening, events like a blind Hawkeye approaching him with a mission to travel east and Logan fighting and killing the Hulk could be included in it.

New team of heroes

In the end of the comic book, Logan vowed to get rid of all the villains and bring peace back to the land. This aspect of the book could be used in the movie, as MCU’s Logan would set out to create a new team of Avengers like heroes.

Again some of the classic characters could show up in the movie, making it even more interesting.

New portrayal

While Hugh Jackman has in a way immortalized the character, if Wolverine were to be introduced in the MCU, fans would get to see a new portrayal of him from a new actor. Rumors suggest that Hugh will help cast the next Wolverine. With that happening he could help MCU cast another actor in his iconic role.

Comicbook.com reported that Marvel is re-launching Astonishing X-Men. The comic book will see Logan leading the team with members like Gambit, Rogue, Bishop, Mystique, Psylocke and others. It remains to be seen if Wolverine’s rights end up back with Marvel or not.

Old Man Logan was published in June 2008.


Photo source: YouTube/Comicstorian

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