Olympic Medalist Ian Thorpe Confirms He’s Gay

By Rowell De Guia | 3 years ago
Olympic Medalist Ian Thorpe Confirms He’s Gay
Image of swimmer Ian Thorpe on a plane.

Ian Thorpe, known as the five-time Olympic swimming gold medalist, ended the speculations about his sexuality as he “came out” in public. In a television interview, the Australian swimmer admitted that he was gay. Read on for further details about this story.

USA Today reported that the British talk show host, Michael Parkinson, first learned about this confirmation during his interview with Thorpe after so many years of denying the rumors about him being gay. The interview was aired on Australia’s Channel 10, where Thorpe said that the realization to accept the fact that he was not straight just came recently.

Thorpe’s denial about the truth in his sexuality was even included in his autobiography. In 2012, he wrote in his book, “This Is Me,” that he was not gay and put emphasis on his straight sexual experiences. He further said that he was attracted to women and wanted to have a family.

But what exactly forced Thorpe to stay in the “closet” was his experience as a teenager when he was interviewed by a journalist about his sexual preference. That time, he was afraid of being teased by classmates, and so he responded defensively by saying that he was straight. The image that he tried to portray up until his “coming-out” interview resulted from that experience.

Being a big name in the world of sports, BBC reported that Thorpe also said in the interview that he didn’t want his integrity to be questioned, that he didn’t want others to think that he had been lying. He wanted his family, his friends and his country to be proud of him. Although he admitted that part of him being in the “closet” was the fear of letting his family and his fans down, he added that he wished he had come out sooner. Then again, the important thing now is he feels freedom in saying that he is a gay man. He believes that nobody deserves to feel the way he felt before he came out.

USA Today also noted that after retiring two years ago with five gold medals, three silvers, and one bronze, Thorpe sees himself at present living his life openly with a partner to start a family.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Ozray50


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