Once Upon a Time Reveals More Frozen Details at San Diego Comic-Con 2014

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Once Upon a Time Reveals More Frozen Details at San Diego Comic-Con 2014
The Once Upon A Time cast speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

The cast of “Once Upon a Time” revealed in San Diego Comic-Con 2014 some details about the upcoming season of the show. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

The “Once Upon a Time” panel showed a short clip of the two “Frozen” sisters, Anna and Elsa, where Elsa is telling Anna that she has a surprise for her on her wedding. This means that there is going to be a very interesting twist on “Once Upon a Time” with “Frozen” characters on board.

However, they are determined not to stray from the original plot of the hit Disney movie, clarifying that “Once Upon a Time” will still center on its characters. The upcoming season is not about “Frozen” but an addition to the show. They are sticking to their goal of “making family come together,” thus the addition of “Frozen” as it clearly represents such strong family ties between the two sisters who love each other unconditionally.

It will be such a huge arrival and twist for the two characters this season, and this is something that the fans can look forward to once the show starts airing. “We’re not doing the ‘Frozen’ sequel. We’re honoring the movie and not changing the characters, but it’s really these characters coming to ‘Once Upon a Time’,” said executive producer Edward Kitsis in a statement published on USA Today.

The producers of the show want the upcoming season to still be a surprise even though a lot of details have been revealed over the past few months. One assurance that they have for the fans is that the season will pick up where “Once Upon a Time” left off last season, and it is connected to Emma’s acceptance of Storybrooke as her home.

“Emma’s had a whole three-season long arc of not knowing what’s going on, not believing, believing, then finding there’s magic within herself. She’s been all all over the place her whole life, looking for a home, and realizing Storybrooke is her home. Now, going into Season 4, how do you make that home a home?” asked executive producer Adam Horowitz.

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