Once Upon a Time Season 4 Recap: Breaking Glass

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Once Upon a Time Season 4 Recap: Breaking Glass
The Once Upon A Time cast speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

Regina and Emma’s relationship may finally get fixed, while Elsa has a revelation in “Once Upon a Time” Season 4 Episode 5 “Breaking Glass.” Read on for the full recap.

We were taken down memory lane to take a peek at Emma’s childhood.  Emma grew up in a foster home, but she ran away. She ended up traveling alone until she met a girl named Lily who helped her out because she got caught shoplifting. They hit it off right away as friends as Emma assumed that Lily was from a foster home too. She found out the truth when her father found them at an abandoned house where they played video games and ate a lot of junk food. As for Emma, she was taken by social services.

In the present time, Regina is still mad at Emma because she brought Marian to Storybrooke, which messed up her love life. While looking at old files, Emma found some pictures where she and Sarah were talking at an ice cream shop. She went to Regina to ask her, but Regina said she’s not going to answer that question. She left Regina, and Sidney appeared and told Regina that she found the Snow Queen. She didn’t point out her exact location, but she led him to a place where she can find her.

Meanwhile, Emma started looking for Elsa because the Savior Mobile couldn’t track her anymore. She bumped into Regina who finally admitted that she’s looking for the Snow Queen.  Regina wasn’t happy about it, especially when Emma started being enthusiastic about them being together and probably mending their relationship.

Their journey brought in a lot of obstacles, but they were able to conquer it. In the end, Emma came face-to-face with the Snow Queen. Regina also realized that Sidney led her to a trap. It turned out that the Snow Queen wasn’t after getting Sidney on her side. She was actually after the compact that Regina has because it’s full of dark magic, and we heard her say, “So close. Soon I will have what I want.”

Back in Storyrooke, Emma discovered a video tape. She found out that the foster home that she once lived during childhood was owned by the Snow Queen.

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