‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 4 Spoilers: Regina’s Fate

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 4 Spoilers: Regina’s Fate
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The fate of Regina in “Once Upon a Time” Season 4 is a question to fans. “OUAT’s” second half of season 4 isn’t airing until March 1, 2015, but some of our questions have already been answered, spiking up the anticipation even more.

When the second half of “Once Upon a Time” Season 4 resumes, Regina’s fate will be about finding “The Author” so she could get her happy ending. In the mid-season finale, Regina gave up her happy ending with Robin to save Robin’s wife, Maria, from the curse of the Snow Queen and asked him to leave Storybrooke.

Regina may have already hit a dead end on this plot line, but actress Lana Parilla who plays the character assured fans that she’s not giving up and she will get her happy ending soon. She also revealed that her strength would be from Henry, her son, because he truly believes in her.

“He plays a huge part in finding clues. They work together and start to find clues leading to the discovery of this author, so that will play out for the remainder of the season,” Parilla said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly (EW).

It seems like there will be no Robin Hood-Regina love story this time around; but even though it’s over, there’s a silver lining because that simply means there’s someone else for Regina. We wonder who could that be? Who’s destined for our evil turned good queen?

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited for the return of “OUAT” Season 4? Don’t lose hope though because for sure there’s a shocking twist before this season wraps up! Let us know by posting your comments below!

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