One Direction 2016 News: Zayn Malik Digs Further Against Former Bandmates?

By Nathalie | 2 years ago
One Direction 2016 News: Zayn Malik Digs Further Against Former Bandmates?
Zayn Malik’s TV Show Boys Spells One Direction Trouble, Simon Cowell Disapproves

One Direction is by far the most successful boy band of its generation. Although the band has officially declared its indefinite hiatus, their songs are still constantly played and downloaded. The magnitude of the band’s success was so massive that every member, it may be Zayn Malik or others, of it still has a lot of following even after they decided to go separate ways.

Like any other groups who decided to disband, One Direction has also its fair share of disbanding controversy. It has been six years when One Direction was first formed in The X Factor U.K. Members Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson, all auditioned separately but were put together to form a boy band by Simon Cowell.

It was probably the best decision or event that has happened in the lives of these artists. Although they have good voices and undeniable charisma, they would not have the same amount of success had they refused to be put together. However, there is one member of One Direction who now reveals that he would not have signed had he been more mature at that time.

Zayn Malik On One Direction

It was a complete shock when Zayn Malik announced that he was no longer part of One Direction. It started with him not being able to perform with the group in concerts. The initial reason published was because of health issues. Then an issue with him not being ready for the fame One Direction gave and that he wanted to just be a normal person.

However soon after, the biggest stir in the lives of the members of the band happened. Zayn Malik released a single, then an album. Now, he is probably the most successful member that came out in the band as a solo artist.

It was not a nice falling out though. Since Malik released his single, he made several revelations about his life with the band. On a report by The Gamer’s Drop, Malik said that he felt trapped and neglected, especially in terms of his input in the music. He further says that at the age of 17, he was blind beyond his years and would not have taken the same path if he could go back in time.

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