One Direction Believes Zayn Malik Wants to Distance Himself from them

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
One Direction Believes Zayn Malik Wants to Distance Himself from them

They say saying goodbye has never been easy and especially if you have been a popular boy band with millions of followers, it gets just more difficult. Zayn Malik who bid One Direction goodbye earlier this year for a solo career is an example of the same. Now One Direction sat down to talk about their former band mate and their own hiatus.


According to Huffington Post UK, One Direction was at the Jonathan Ross show to record a chat when the topic about their former bandmate came up. During the interview, Louis Tomlinson believed that he was Malik’s best friend in the band and felt he was closest to him.

On being asked further about their former mate, the band members stated that they didn’t really think Malik was enjoying much when he was with them and since it can be a bit intense at times, they guessed it was getting too much for him and wanted to be at a different place. Quite honestly they were cool about him leaving and think that whatever happened was only fair enough.

Since Tomlinson was the one who mentioned being closest to his former band member, he was asked about the last time he actually spoke to the former One Directioner. According to Tomlinson, it was a couple of weeks back and it seemed that Malik wants to distance himself from the band.

However what is contradictory here is that Malik in his first in-depth interview since the split stated that it was Liam Payne who he used to talk to and it is actually him who he thought to be the closest.

Malik didn’t even mention Tomlinson’s name during the interview. In his interview, he also stated that Payne at the time didn’t really understand why he was leaving the band, but fortunately now he does. As far as a conversation with Tomlinson goes, Malik did have an ugly spat with him on Twitter, which basically ended then and there.


Mirror added  Zayn Malik’s comments about how he didn’t feel he had the creative freedom when he was a part of One Direction to make music he really wanted to. He thought the music at the band was getting too generic hence he took the decision of leaving the band.

Photo source: Facebook/One Direction

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