One Direction Harry Styles Making A Move to Perrie Edwards? Zayn Malik Now Out of Control

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
One Direction Harry Styles Making A Move to Perrie Edwards? Zayn Malik Now Out of Control
Is One Direction Harry Styles making a move to Perrie Edwards?

One Direction Harry Styles allegedly reached out to Zayn Malik’s ex girlfriend Perrie Edwards in the wake of their shocking split. Does this have any meaning? Read on for more details.

Apparently, One Direction Harry Styles, 21, is just being a gentleman.

And it was said Styles was the only 1D member who reached out to Perrie Edwards, 22, after recalling his own difficult break-up at 14 years old. Daily Star cited insiders saying he really understood her.

“His heart immediately went out to Perrie and he called her up straight away,” the source reportedly said.

The insider also noted Styles was being spontaneous, with Edwards appreciating his gesture.

Styles’ action might seem to be a little bit of a surprise for One Direction fans since the two were not known to be close at all. However, people who knew him intimately attested to his nature as being gentle.

So, nothing’s going on between Styles and Edwards. And it could be recalled that she and the rest of the Little Mix members said they would not be willing to go with him.

Well, this is because they see Styles as a player and a mighty “ladies man.” They also thought it would be beyond them to handle all his female admirers.

The One Direction singer does not only care for Edwards. In fact, he was also concerned for the ex 1D member Zayn Malik, 22, especially in the latter’s recent Twitter rants against Calvin Harris, 31, and Taylor Swift, 25.

A source by Hollywood Life said Styles thought Malik’s aggressive behavior was out of bounds and square.

“He [Styles] thinks this may be the beginning of Zayn spiraling out of control after ending things with Perrie,” the insider said.

True enough, any good friend would worry. Hat’s off to the good One Direction singer Harry Styles.

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