One Direction joins in carpool karaoke session with James Corden for ‘Late Late Show’

By Ruma Saha | 2 years ago
One Direction joins in carpool karaoke session with James Corden for ‘Late Late Show’
Photograph of “One Direction” in the carpool karaoke with James Corden in drivers’ seat.

One Direction is recently seen to have joined James Corden for his talk show “The Late Late Show” in “carpool karaoke” segment. All of them get into hosts’ car for musical session together, which was aired by CBS in their “The Late Late Show” on December 16th.

Corden knows these members of One Direction for long time. So, this chat show gives an opportunity for them to join with James. Mail Online reports that One Direction attracts lots of public attention as they drive through streets of Los Angels and creates chaos in streets. Whenever they stopped in the traffic, the shocked fan started screaming in excitement and tried to take their photograph.

Corden took the role of school teacher in their “carpool karaoke” session. He instructed the boys not to dance inside the car and advise the crazy fan on road to drive safely and keep their hand on their steering instead of  taking photos. Horan was sitting beside Corden and the rest of the group sit in the back. All of them started singing “What Makes You Beautiful” in a way they sing in concert. This group got their fame in 2010 “X-Factor” show. Their performance in 2013 “X-Factor” finale steals their fans’ heart forever.

Hollywood Life reports that the most shocking part of the show starts when Corden asked Horan to play a game of “sleep with, marry, cruise.” The rules of this game is that they have to choose one of their favorite stars for each of these activities, like they can sleep with one star for once, marry another star and cruise with another one for one year but are not allowed to sleep with the last two. To this question Horans’ answer is “Sleep with Tina Fey, marry Selena Gomez, go on a cruise with Demi Lovato.”

It was a funfilled experience for One Direction as well as for Corden and viewers definitely enjoyed the show. One Direction has already declared the one and half year pause for their next album to come so this was their funfilled way to say “good bye” to their fans.

Photo Source: Facebook/ The Late Late Show with James Corden

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