One Direction Member Niall Horan Wonders if People will Recognize him after they go on Hiatus

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
One Direction Member Niall Horan Wonders if People will Recognize him after they go on Hiatus

Now that their hiatus is coming close, One Direction members will be going their own way and doing their own thing for a while. One such member of One Direction wonders if people will continue to recognize him once the band officially goes on hiatus.

According to Goss, Niall Horan recently revealed that he often wonders if people will recognize him or not once his band One Direction goes on a hiatus. The One Direction member has been working round the clock for the last five years along with his other band mates and after having accomplished so much will be taking a break.


Now that his break is officially going to start and he will be away from the spotlight, thoughts like this appear to be very natural, as anyone in his position would think the same. Elaborating more on his free time, Niall stated that he just wants to go home and do nothing for a while. He has been looking forward to going home and enjoying some time off, maybe during the break, he will indulge in other hobbies that he might like.

Looking back at the time when he was auditioning at the “X Factor,” Niall confessed that the reason why he appeared to be so cocky was because he was really nervous. Calling his mentor Simon Powell the “X Factor,” Niall stated that there’s something about Simon.

Second thing that really surprises us is that Niall recalls, this is the moment in the last five years that he has actually sat down and thought about whatever he and his One Direction band mates have achieved. Right from the moment when One Direction first filled the form and hoped that they get selected in “X Factor,” until now that they have achieved so much.


Perez Hilton focused on Niall Horan’s rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez who has been teasing everyone for weeks about her upcoming new single. It is being said that in the “Hands to Myself” video, Selena and model Chris Mason are getting down and dirty and in the process making Niall and Selena’s ex Justin Bieber jealous.

Photo source: Facebook/One Direction

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