One Direction New Song ‘Adeline’ Leaked Online? Fans Are Caught Surprised

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
One Direction New Song ‘Adeline’ Leaked Online? Fans Are Caught Surprised
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Almost a day ago, fans were in a whirlwind as a speculated new track from One Direction was leaked online without an official statement regarding its release. Directioners are one of the biggest and most loving fans this world has ever known, hence, they are always up to date.

Unreality TV said the said song is entitled “Adeline.” It is included in the boyband’s soon to be released album this year. This will be their fifth studio album.

Of course, die-hard fans immediately clicked on the link, which supposedly contained the song. However, it wasn’t really “Adeline” in the link much to their dismay and to burst their bubbles.

The same article added that when fans heard it, they immediately noticed something wasn’t right because the vocals are totally not from One Direction in the first place. It seems like some followers of the four-man group chose a song from other band, named it as the upcoming song from the group, and posted it online.

The confirmation that they will be on a hiatus in 2016, according to Cosmopolitan, added to the reason why fans are overly excited with any news related to them within the current year.  This break was the answer that relieved fans of the hearsays about the boyband’s possible break up. Niall Horan even said: “Don’t worry though, we still have lots we want to achieve.”

What was thought to be their new song is actually “The Rest Of Us” from Simple Plan. Several fans expressed their dismay online especially their expectations and excitement went downhill quickly. One fan with the username @Tommmo_Styles, posted in uppercase characters to emphasize her point: “THE LEAKED SONG CALLED ADELINE ISNT ACTUALLY A ONE DIRECTION SONG ITS THE REST OF US BY SIMPLE PLAN.”

An April fool’s prank just happened in September. On a positive note, it goes to show how fans are absolutely anticipating One Directions’ forthcoming songs.

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Photo Source: One Direction/Twitter

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