One Direction News: Liam Payne May Plait Harry Styles Hair

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
One Direction News: Liam Payne May Plait Harry Styles Hair
One Direction

One Direction are into each other’s hair again. This time it is literal and in the face. Liam Payne, who has numerous secret hidden talents that fans don’t know yet, has recently revealed that he is a pro at plaiting hair. He is, as a matter of fact, so incredibly good at plaiting hair that he has styled, gasp, his lovely girlfriend’s hair.

But hold on. Liam only did Sophia’s hair because he wanted to show how awesome he is at plaiting hair. What he obviously doesn’t know at this point is that we girls will love him even if he didn’t have any other talents. Oh My God! Isn’t he the cutest ever! And we are kind of glad that he can sing too. We are sure that about one half of his legion of fans is just thinking about him crooning a love song to them.

So, we are surprised that Liam will try so hard to get his fans’ attention. Get a clue, Liam! We think cuteness is enough in the talent department and you needn’t show off. And most of us are quite jealous of your girlfriend, so can you keep her out of this? Other than that, we are super delighted to hear that you can plait hair. You can play the hairstylist any time you like.

And the rest of the story goes like this. One of those crazed fans asked Liam if he would braid Harry Styles’s hair too for the next show. And Liam, who is a complete sport, told him in a dead pan put on, “I could, if he would sit still.” Awesome! Can you think about a better comeback line?

This news comes via Yahoo! News.

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Photo Source: Facebook / One Direction

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