One Direction Removed Zayn Malik from Newest Tour Poster

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
One Direction Removed Zayn Malik from Newest Tour Poster

For those whose minds still have not settled on the now four-man group One Direction, maybe this one will hit the news home. One Direction has just released a new tour poster for their ‘On the Road Again’ concert tour. And now, Zayn Malik is visibly off the poster.

On Thursday, April 9, a new promotional poster for the rest of the legs of One Direction’s ‘On the Road Again’ concert tour was released. And rather expectedly but still heartbreakingly, Zayn Malik is no longer included in the band’s group photo. This practically shows that Malik has quit the group and now there’re only four guys in the bunch.

Since Malik announced his taking a break from the concert tour due to stress, the band’s promotional team already removed his face from the opening videos set for the rest of the tour’s performances. Later on, upon his actually leaving the band, Malik was also removed from the tour’s advertisements, as a fan showed in a photo of a billboard for the concert.

But even though they’re now one guy short, One Direction is reportedly still going strong. According to MailOnline, the group now holds a record for have the most number of attendees in their tour in South Africa. Their audience in their shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town totalled to a whopping 185,000 people, thus actually besting U2 and Michael Jackson.

With regards to One Direction now without Malik, the band’s mentor Simon Cowell said during the Britain’s Got Talent Press Launch in London on Thursday, “… I wasn’t expecting it to happen so quickly. You just have to deal with it. As long as the boys want it and I think they do, they will continue to be successful. They’ve not got over it but they’ve got used to it.”

One Direction is currently in a two-month break from the tour and will be back on the road again on June 5 for the start of the European leg of their tour in Cardiff, Wales. They are also reportedly planning on finishing their fifth album before the tour starts again in summer.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ Biagio2103

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