One Direction to ‘Replace’ Zayn Malik?

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
One Direction to ‘Replace’ Zayn Malik?
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Fiona McKinlay | One Direction, Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Glasgow, Wednesday 27 February 2013, Take Me Home Tour

It’s close to a week now since Zayn Malik announced about his decision to leave One Direction for good. Now, fans have been asking whether One Direction has any plans of replacing Malik and if so, who?

Zayn Malik has made news all over the music industry, being the first member of boy band One Direction to leave the group. But along with fans crying all over social media about his leaving, some have been asking if he will be replaced with another guy to be the fifth guy for the now-four-man group.

Since then, many reports of possible replacements have been coming up. Solo singer Aaron Carter took to Twitter to express his disappointment over Zayn’s depature from the team, and added that though he’d like to be a part of One Direction, he prefers to be a soloist. NBC Chicago also reported that they’re rooting on reporter Anthony Ponce and his brother, WGN reporter Dan Ponce to be the band’s possible new member.

However, some reports also showed strong beliefs that it is unlikely that One Direction will be taking in a fifth member. In an interview, Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hiatt compared Malik’s leaving to that of one of the Beatles members leaving while at the peak of their career during their time. He also added that since One Direction is composed of vocalists, losing Malik will not create much trouble in their performances and they could go on without replacing him.

Billboard associate editor Jason Lipshutz also said, “Zayn’s exit from One Direction is painful because it means something has ended, but it would have been vastly more painful to approach the next few months with a sense of unsteadiness. Now, Zayn is gone, and One Direction can move on.”

One Direction has not made any comments on rumours of them planning to replace Malik. Although, they did say that they will go on with their ‘On the Road Again’ tour as a four-man group, as well as with their new album for release this year.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Fiona McKinlay

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