One Direction Split: Liam Payne Reveals The Real Reason Behind The Split Up

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
One Direction Split: Liam Payne Reveals The Real Reason Behind The Split Up

The musical world almost came crashing down when the boys at the popular boy band One Direction announced their decision to split and go their own ways. Reason for their separation was not clear until now, however, Liam Payne, recently took to Twitter and clarified the reason as to why the band made the decision.


According to International Business Times, One Direction fans wanted to know the reason behind the band’s decision to go their own ways and it was only after Liam Payne decided to clarify what was going on in the band, did the reason come out.

According to him, the band is not splitting because there’s some internal rivalry going on in the band, but they have actually decided to go on a hiatus. He also clarified that there is something much bigger in store that the band has wanted to do. This hiatus that they have planned will prove to be the best opportunity for them to do just that.

Apparently, the boy band wants to remake one of their iconic video “Shadow Pico.” Liam from his Twitter account posted a link of the video and captioned it: “So here’s the reason we are really taking a break we need to take some time to make this.” The video is actually a bad lip-syncing version of “Gotta Be You” by the band, including ex-band member Zayn Malik. No matter what the reason is, One Direction fans still are recovering from the news with some of them even commenting that they almost got a heart attack after coming to know about the news.


Christian Post added what other band members had to say after the band’s decision to take a break starting from March next year. Harry stated that he would move on to become a Real estate agent as he really loves one of those little houses as they have a romantic touch to it. The 21-year-old already has properties in LA and London. After going their separate ways, Niall Horan wants to become a DJ and Louis Tomlinson might want to focus on his baby and be a good father.

Photo source: Facebook/One Direction

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