‘One Piece’ Chapter 796 to Show Kaido As Devil Fruit Dragon User, Another Dinosaur Coming?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 796 to Show Kaido As Devil Fruit Dragon User, Another Dinosaur Coming?
Jolly roger of the strawhat crew (One piece)

Various “One Piece” fans are discussing and making speculations about what could possibly happen in the next “One Piece” Chapter 796 as well as the identity of Kaido. Was Kaido a dragon devil fruit user? Read on for more details.

It should be noted that in near the last part of “One Piece” Chapter 795, it revealed Kaido as the “strongest living creature.” And what’s so intriguing about this Kaido was that despite being challenged and captured by the Navy 18 times, tortured a 1,000 times, given death sentence for 40 times, tried to be hanged, guillotined, skewered, and committing suicide, he could not die.

This made various fans excited of what’s going to come in “One Piece” Chapter 796. Others were expecting that Kaido would unleash his power in the next chapter, not even considering that he cannot die.

“One Piece” Chapter 796 Speculations: Kaido Being A Dragon Devil Fruit User?

There was some healthy debate about Kaido, via Manga Helpers, having a devil fruit since his army had an army of fruit users. And forum member Kaido 1337 speculated that the devil fruit could be a Dragon fruit that could fly.

The forum member said that this explained why Kaido reached the sky lands and that the dragon fruit was somewhat similar to the failed experiment (momonosuke) as well as the reason why was important to the Doflamingos.

Furthermore, Kaido bore a dragon scale tattoo on his arm, adding to another reason why Kaido could have a Dragon fruit.

Another forum member Black Hawk made some notes that he found to be interesting, which, for him, connected to Kaido’s identity. He said that the name Kaido had a similarity with Kaidu Son of Genghis Kan who was a Mongolik Ruler, which pretty much explained the strong black-colored mustache.

“One Piece” Chapter 796 Speculations: Another Dinosaur Like Drake X?

Black Hawk also recalled the Marco Polo story that contained a note about his meeting with Kaidu Son of Genghis Kan twice and his writing that Kaidu had two dinosaurs.

It could be recalled that in “One Piece,” Drake X was the first dinosaur. Hence, it was said to be possible that a second dinosaur could appear in the mange since Oda might be integrating the story of Kaidu Son of Genghis Kan.

However, forum member ladylola disagreed about Kaidu being a Dragon devil fruit user. Still, she did not dismiss the possibility.

Well, nothing is certain. And everything could be answered in the upcoming “One Piece” Chapter 796.

Hence, readers should take speculations with a grain of salt.

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