‘One Piece’ Chapter 797 Spoiler Predictions: Zoro Fighting Fujitora Sword for A Sword, Straw Hats Escape?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 797 Spoiler Predictions: Zoro Fighting Fujitora Sword for A Sword, Straw Hats Escape?
“One Piece” Chapter 804 predictions said no war is going to happen between the Revolutionary Army and the Blackbeard Pirates.

Latest “One Piece” Chapter 797 spoiler predictions point to a possible fight between one of the members of Straw Hat against Marines Admiral Fujitora. Will Monkey D. Luffy fight Fujitora? Or will Zoro take on the Admiral? Read on for more details.

Avid fans of the anime were speculating via Manga Helpers  about Luffy possibly using Gear 4 if by chance he faces off with Fujitora in “One Piece” Chapter 797.

Forum member ‘Drakrami’ said it could be possible since the Donquixote Doflamingo has powers almost similar to an Admiral level. This implied the Straw Hat’s strength to be very close to an Admiral.

However, ‘ProGoddess’ thought Luffy may not fight Fujitora because his allies will be around to protect him. This would make him go on with the plan of telling Rebecca about the real identity of her father.

Majority of the forum members seemed to accept the idea of the Straw Hats escaping Dressrosa, similar to what they did at Arabasta story. And since Luffy’s friends would be there, he will have the chance to escape together with the rest of the Straw Hat crew.

‘ProGoddess’ further thought Luffy may be heading to the palace and meet with Dressrosa King Riku. If in case Fujitora meets him there, there would be a big possibility the king will defend him in the upcoming “One Piece” Chapter 797.

“One Piece” Chapter 797 Spoiler Predictions: Zorro vs Fujitora?

Another forum member, ‘M3J,’ presented a different point of view. He does not see Luffy fighting Fujitora.

Instead, Straw Hat Roronoa Zoro might have a sword fight with Fujitora since the two were powerful swordsmen. ‘MJ3’ also thought it was too early for Luffy to fight an Admiral since he had difficulty fighting Donquixote Doflamingo.

‘BASED Shinigami’ also agreed with the idea and expected a fight with the Admiral in future chapters. “One Piece” Chapter 798? Chapter 799? Who knows?

‘BASED Shinigami’ also thought Luffy needed to perfect Gear 4 in order to successfully defeat an Admiral.

Previous “One Piece” Chapter 796 generated speculations after it ended with Fujitora who was about to make a move. On the other hand, Luffy said he still had unfinished business.

Questions are definitely going to be answered when “One Piece” Chapter 797 comes out.

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