‘One Piece’ Chapter 797 Spoiler: Zoro Tells Luffy to Finish The Job Quickly, Straw Hats Going East Port

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 797 Spoiler: Zoro Tells Luffy to Finish The Job Quickly, Straw Hats Going East Port
Jolly roger of the strawhat crew (One piece)

A “One Piece” spoiler image got leaked recently on an online forum and has caused much exasperation amongst the fans. The fans are full of questions, especially over what Luffy’s unfinished business is. The conversation shown in the manga page is between Zoro and Bastille who say a significant thing to Luffy, “we have no time”. This one line will make a lot of difference for the next chapter. Read on to find out more about “One Piece” Chapter 797 spoilers.

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Zoro advises Luffy to finish his job quickly as they were short on time. Other “One Piece” Chapter 797 spoilers over Manga Helpers include: Luffy goes to get the job done, but Zoro takes a wrong path. Meanwhile, Bastille announces that he’ll take command and the Strawhats pirates have escaped.

Chapter 797 called ‘Marine is coming’, is likely to reveal what’s exactly happening with the other half of the Strawhat pirates. This half is currently involved with Kaido and Big Mam pirates. Fans expect to see some action from Kaido’s end and are also looking forward to Fujitora unleashing his pull potential. Unfortunately, Oda might still take a while to reveal about his war which happened with Doflamingo. These are one of the most prominent “One Piece” Chapter 797 spoilers and expectations.

In the previous chapter 796 titled as ‘Soldier-San’s determination’, Sengoku and Tsuru have a surprise visit by Admiral Issho who’s there to check on why the Strawhats haven’t been captured. Gatz makes the announcement of King Riku’s return,  but is dubious of king’s capabilities of returning happiness and peace to the country. Luffy and others were ready to leave The Flower Field after recovery because Bartolomeo announces the approaching of Marines.

The Strawhats already worked up a strategy to. And most importantly, Luffy has some important matte, he has to look into. We all are waiting for the next chapter to release soon.

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