‘One Piece’ Chapter 798 Official Spoilers: Dwarves Help Luffy, Stealing Marines’ Swords, Tomahawks, and More; Bastille Panics

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 798 Official Spoilers: Dwarves Help Luffy, Stealing Marines’ Swords, Tomahawks, and More; Bastille Panics
“One Piece” Chapter 804 predictions said no war is going to happen between the Revolutionary Army and the Blackbeard Pirates.

The latest “One Piece” Chapter 798 official spoiler revealed the Dwarves being the reason why the Marines were suddenly falling down. Will the Straw Hat Monkey D. Luffy finally escape to Eastern Port? Read on for more details.

“One Piece” Chapter 798 official spoiler showed the Marines perplexed why they can’t make any move, unbeknownst to them that the Tontatta Kingdom Dwarves were behind it, shown in this image.

Marines Vice Admiral “Shark Cutter” Bastille was asking what happened to the Marines stationed at the Eastern Port. At their location, the Marines were crippled, not able to fire against the Straw Hats.

The “One Piece” Chapter 798 official spoilers, via Oro Jackson, showed the members of the Tontatta Kingdom stealing their bullets and gunpowder from their rifles. Bastille then started to panic and looked for other weapons.

However, even the Marines’ swords, shotguns, tomahawks, lances, knives, and every type of weapon were gone. They were obviously mystified and asked who stole them.

It was all the Dwarves’ doings Marines just to help Monkey D. Luffy complete his unfinished business and escape the Dressrosa Kingdom with the rest of the Straw Hats, now with a new addition to the crew. In the previous “One Piece” Chapter 797, Luffy took Princess Rebecca and went to Gladiator Kyros with the purpose of revealing the truth.

Fans saw an emotional encounter of Rebecca and Kyros, who did not expect to see Rebecca at all in their final escape. The legendary gladiator was spreading a rumor about the identity of Rebecca’s father because all he wanted was to give Rebecca a good life.

In their encounter, Rebecca told Kyros that she doesn’t care who he is. As a daughter who grew without a daddy, Rebecca can’t afford to lose now that her daddy is finally home by her side.

As for what the “One Piece” Chapter 798 official spoilers revealed, fans are happy about what the Dwarves just did.

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Photo source: Ju gatsu mikka via Wikimedia Commons/“One Piece”

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