‘One Piece Chapter 798 Spoiler Predictions: Who Will Help Luffy Against Fujitora? Will The Straw Hat Get Off The Island With New Members?

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
‘One Piece Chapter 798 Spoiler Predictions: Who Will Help Luffy Against Fujitora? Will The Straw Hat Get Off The Island With New Members?
“One Piece” Chapter 804 predictions said no war is going to happen between the Revolutionary Army and the Blackbeard Pirates.

The latest predictions for “One Piece” Chapter 798 are focus on the impending capture of Luffy by Fujitora, Kyros and Rebecca presumption to join the Straw Hats? Will someone hold off Fujitora so Luffy can escape? Read below for some predictions.

The One Piece Forum has been flooded with statements of what will happen in “One Piece” 798 which will be available next week on August 28.

One forum member believes that Chapter 798 this will be the final chapter for the Dressrosa Kingdom and that Bartolomeo will assist in stopping Fujitora from capturing Luffy. Just for the record, Luffy is still recuperating.

Of also which one member showed great concern that Bartolomeo could end up being captured and imprisoned if he does not get on the ship with the Straw Hat pirates. An added comment was made that Zoro himself will be the one to fight the marine admiral.

A more pressing matter was that if they all board the same ship will they end up going to Zou or worst face the “strongest beast in the world” Kaido.

The crowned Princess of Dressrosa Rebecca is also believed to be abandoning her duty and joining the crew along with Kyros. This is to take into account after what Rebecca told Violet and with the latter being asked by the former to take her place in the kingdom instead.

Another prediction  for Chapter 798 was made from the forum on Manga Helpers, this is with regards to the next journey of the Straw Hats if they will ever get off the island, pardon the pun, in “One Piece”.

If they ever get off Dressrosa it was predicted that Luffy will continue to find the rest of the crew. While the rest of the members themselves will be seize with their own personal bouts. Zoro is said to be already preoccupied with a new sword technique due to an impending fight. Usopp is still unable to handle a new ability which requires some real practice. Which again comes to the conclusion that in a future battle with Kaido as a member commented the Straw Hats will have more arsenals at their disposal.

What do you think will happen to the Straw Pirates? “One Piece” chapter 798 will be available next week on August 27.

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